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Vezi's music is always in tandem with his spirit. Daniel Lanois, producer, artist.
Talent, skill, and experience are all part of Vezi's impressive musical package. But his greatest asset -- as both a performer and a songwriter -- is his passion. He is a gifted professional musician who can't hide how much he loves what he does. This guy's the real deal. David Macfarlane, writer, journalist.
It was an honor and a privilege to work with Vezi. We’ve done a zillion shows, many with music directors. He was, by far, the best. Norm Guarni, keyboardist.
I recently invited Vezi to a private party to perform along with a bunch of local heavyweights. He sang a beautiful, bittersweet, original tune that gave everyone in the room goose bumps; and by the time he was done the song my party was just a puddle with eyes. He’s THAT good! Jaymz Bee, broadcaster, producer.
...Arrest this man! He is too good to be running free...!! Murray McLauchlan, singer-songwriter.
I have recorded over 40 tracks at Kensington Sound and every one of them was magic. Vezi has a knack for extracting more out of the artist than they knew they had in them. His mixes are perfect. I can hardly wait to get back in the studio with him. John Jackson, musician.
Vezi is a musician who really cares about others, and takes the time to address the music, whether playing guitar or keyboards, or manning a production console. Melwood Cutlery, singer-songwriter.
Vezi is a musician's musician—talented, yes, but generous and intelligent, as well. Someone who takes great joy in making—and sharing—his music. John Macfarlane, editor, publisher.
Vezi is one in a million. His musical knowledge, experience, patience and incredible "ears" make it all work. Allyson Morris, jazz singer.